Food Sustainability — Project #1

© Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Primary Persona : the eco-friendly citizen photo © Anna-Maria Nichita
The eco-friendly citizen’s journey map
  • TO SCAN : must be a very easy action, just with the bar code. And if there is no bar code, search bar is necessary so the user can looking for a product with the product’s name.
  • SCORING SYSTEM : a good choice, easy and quickly understandable but on our case it needed explanation so users can better understant what’s behind the scoring.
  • COMPARISON MODE : nice to be able to compare products
  • PRICE : is also an issue, it’s important for users to have some information about at least a price range.




Product Owner and UX/UI designer apprentice.

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Product Owner and UX/UI designer apprentice.

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